Our Story

It all started after I returned from a big Europe trip (the one everyone aims to do once in their lifetime). Turns out I was accidentally booked onto the wrong accommodation type for the second leg of my trip – hostels instead of hotels... Lucky I had packed a towel, because little did I know that hostels in Europe do not supply towels.
Being on those tours, you are always on the go and the last thing that you want is to carry around a wet, soggy and smelly towel in your backpack. All I could think of was my mum saying ‘never put a wet towel in your bag,’ something she said over and over to me when I was a kid. Sorry mum!

By the end of the two months, I had enough and the towel ended up in the bin.

Fast forward 3 months, Beach Republic Australia was born where I spent the next 12 months engineering the ultimate material blend and creating the perfect travel towel for any adventure. Looks like all those chemistry lectures came in handy after all!

I want to say a big thank you to my family and friends for being there for me on my journey this past year. You were there when I was ‘about to throw the towel in.’  

So this towel is for you guys, the avid beach gooers, the sun seekers, the gym goers and the adrenaline junkies. I hope you love this towel as much as I enjoyed making it. 

The world as we know has changed and we are the first company in Australia to utilise this technology and, we are so proud of it too! We wanted to create more than a  towel, we wanted to create an experience - because this is more than a towel, it is the ultimate beach companion. We believe in this product so much and we wanted you to experience it too

Beach Republic is very proud to be Australian Owned. 

If you have any suggestions or improvement ideas, please don’t hesitate to message us on hello@beachrepublicaus.com

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Lots of Love,
Beach Republic Australia x