PolyRepel Technology

Our luxurious beach towels have been engineered with PolyRepelTM technology.  Formulated by a pharmacist, these towels have utilised polymer chemistry to create Australia's first lifestyle towel. 


A peer reviewed article showed that towels are an optimal place for bacteria, mould and yeast to grow on. ewww' We have partnered with an American biotechnology company to utilise their technology in a towel first. 

The polymer embedded into the fibres secures silver (Ag+) ions to control microbe derived odours and adsorb select odourants to provide freshness for longer. After 40 washes, clinical studies showed that the the polymer was still effective >99.9% against S.aureus and K.pneumoniae. They say 'prevention is better than a cure, right?"

Questions Answered

Safe & Non-Sensitising 21 day irritation patch tests showed that there was no evidence of skin irritation amongst the participants. Safe for the whole family
Ecologically Friendly  This material is recyclable and reusable during processing applications due to its inherent light stability and water solubility.
Saves Resources & Sustainable

Helps processing plants reduce their overall raw material purchases and usage of energy and water. Less laundry saves you time, energy, water and money. 

All our products are quality tested prior to leaving the lab, so you can forget about all those harmful bacteria which colonise on towels and spend more time enjoying the things that really matter. 


Sand Free 

Does this even exist? Yes, it does.

Due to the material blend that we have used, sand particles aren't able to embed between the small fibers. Shake the towel and the sand falls right off - that's right, wet, dry or even black sand. Incredible huh'

Ultra Absorbent

Soft, absorbent and lightweight - name a better combination.

We have chosen the perfect GSM (weight) for the towel to ensure that product is as light as can be, but also absorbent. Talk about a balancing act..
Our towels can absorb double its own weight in water. Use it on your furry friends and you can say goodbye to those hair dryers.  


Quick Dry 

Set the timer. Our towels dry in less than 1/4 the time of a traditional beach towel. The hydrophobic (water hating) nature of the material blend allows the material not to retain moisture, hence a quicker dry. Ideal for travelling and time poor situations

Travel Friendly 

Lightweight, compact in a small matching case. How cute?

Our towels weigh ~500g, they roll up quite small and can fit in any bag, perfect for a weekend getaway. The matching neoprene bag (wet suit material) ensures that other items in your bag don't get wet and can store your keys, phone, sunscreen and togs all in one place. 


  • Each Towel has a hook, so you can allow it to air dry in between uses.
  • Say hello to our signature reverse pattern used on every towel. The majority of white on this side decreases heat absorption. 

 Try our towels today, we guarantee you won't be disappointed.